Monday, November 7, 2011

Dessert #1

The first post! This is always makes me a little nervous, I'm sure I'll come back in a few minutes and find spelling mistakes galore! First things first, make sure you read all the blahblah on the right side of the page. That's where you'll be able to sign up to get an email when a new piece is posted, and get all the information you need to purchase.

When I was wondering which piece to begin with the answer I was given was to always begin with chocolate, so here we go...

Dessert #1 is a decadent piece of birthday cake, with thick dark chocolate icing. The pale yellow background brings a touch of sunshine into any room. This piece is 5" square and on a deeper 1 3/8" canvas, just like the cupcake series. And yes you can easily mix and match these with the cupcakes, and possibly even find a new cupcake or two to add. You never know!

Remember, we don't give away who painted it until purchased, just for fun! See you back here tomorrow.

Speaking of being nervous, I just realized I didn't post the price! The first piece in the series is $120, or $110 if you correctly guess which of us painted it.

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